Roofing Services & Solar Solutions

Precision Installations

In Las Vegas, the city of bright lights and extreme temperatures, your roof stands as your home or business’s primary defense against the elements. At Nevada Exteriors, we are a licensed & bonded roofing service catering to both residential and commercial needs, guiding you through optimal roofing choices for durability and aesthetics. Along with affordable financing options, we also navigate home owners insurance claims to make your roofing project more manageable. Whether considering asphalt shingles or tiles for your home, or metal roofing for your commercial space, trust our roofing company’s expertise to execute the installation with perfection.

Upkeep, Repair, & Maintenance

In the unforgiving Vegas sun, combined with the challenges of age, intense desert storms, wind, and debris, roofs are put to the test, leading to premature wear. At Nevada Exteriors, your dedicated roofing company, we go beyond merely repairing damages by proactively working to prevent them and address premature wear and tear. Schedule your FREE inspection today for routine maintenance or to address wear on your home or business facility. Additionally, we offer specialized roof certification services for real estate transactions, available for an extra charge, ensuring your roof meets all required standards and is in good condition, providing peace of mind in Las Vegas’s harsh climate.

Insurance Claim Advocacy

Confronting roofing issues, whether for a home or a commercial establishment, can be challenging and daunting. When you do business with an experienced roofing company like us and insurance claims enter the mix, the process might seem overwhelming. This is where our experienced Claims Advocates step in. Our team excels at simplifying the insurance process, ensuring that every property owner, residential or commercial, secures the maximum benefits from their policies without unnecessary complications.

Reliable Upgrades

Planning a roof revamp for your home or business? With Nevada Exteriors, every roof in the Las Vegas valley is in safe hands. Whether you’re based in historic Boulder City, the ever-evolving corner of Summerlin, the bustling heart of Paradise, or the peaceful backdrop of Spring Valley, we cater to both residential and commercial roofing needs. Reach out for a free consultation to explore our diverse range of roofing materials, including eco-friendly choices, all tailored to withstand Nevada’s unique weather challenges

New Construction & Commercial Roofing

At Nevada Exteriors, we specialize in new commercial constructions, ensuring every layer, from the roof to the foundations, reflects quality and professionalism. We understand the commercial demands of Las Vegas and its environs, from the scorching sun to the bustling city life. Our experienced team collaborates closely with contractors and developers, ensuring timely, efficient, and top-tier installations. When you envisage a commercial space that stands out in the city’s skyline, Nevada Exteriors is your trusted partner to bring that vision to life.

Solar Solutions

The future is bright, and it’s powered by the sun. At Nevada Exteriors, we go beyond just building roofs; we integrate them with next-generation solar solutions. Our solar installation services are tailored to meet the unique energy demands of the Las Vegas valley. We assess your property’s solar potential and recommend the best solutions, offering both roof integration and flexible financing options. With our expert team guiding you at every step, you’re assured of a seamless installation process. Investing in solar with Nevada Exteriors not only reduces your energy bills but also paves the way for a greener, more sustainable Nevada. Join us in changing the future, one panel at a time.


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